Heather Nauert

Heather Nauert is currently the co-host of a show called FOX & Friends First’, which is a morning show that airs on the Fox news Channel. It is a one-hour show that is airs during weekday mornings. The hosts of this show are all Fox personalities who take turns hosting this show in pairs. The hosting pairs are usually rotated throughout the entire week. Some of the show’s hosts include; Ainsley Earhardt, Patti Ann Browne, and Heather Childers. Some of the occasional hosts of the show are; Juliet Huddy, Dave Briggs, Anna Kooiman, Julie Banderas, Clayton Morris, Jamie Colby, andArthel Neville.

Heather’s successful television career dates back to the year 1996 after she graduated from Mt. Vernon Collage in Washington DC. She got a Bachelor of Arts in Comminication. She has all the qualification and is well equipped with knowledge in journalism having pursued a master’s in journalism degree at Columbia University. She has also worked for the government in Washington DC as a consultant in health insurance, social security issues and tax. She is also a member of the Council of Foreign Relations serving as a term member.

In the year 1998, she started out working as a correspondent for the Fox News Channel and contributed to the The Big Story’. She slowly made a name for herself working at Fox News Channel. It is also during this time that she was able to take advantage of the opportunities she could find at FNC. She contributed to the channel by covering big breaking news. Some of the stories she covered were the election proceedings in Iraq, which were under scrutiny by the whole world. This was because the country at this time was recovering from the aftermath of the nine eleven terror attack in New York. She remained an active contributor to the news channel between the year 1998 and the year two thousand and one .

In the year 2005, she went to ABC news for a while before making equally big contribution to some of ABC’s shows such as, “Good Morning America”, “Nightline” and “World News Tonight”. During her time at ABC News, she got a nomination for an Emmy Award. This was in recognition of her tremendous contribution to ABC’s show “thirteen Around the World” which also pushed her career even higher.

She later made her grand return to Fox News in the year two thousand and seven where she went straight to take the active part of co-hosting a show on FNC, “Big Story with Johns Gibson & Heather Nauert”. She also actively co-hosted the show “Good Day New York” on Fox.

Heather Nauert has a very private life despite her being in the limelight. Very little is known of her personal life except for these few facts. Heather is married to Scott Norby and has two children, her first child was born in the year 2009 and her second born in the year two thousand and ten. At forty three years of, She has a successfully curved her name among America’s Famous Television personalities. Judging from her great portfolio and huge achievements, there is definitely more to Heather that her fans have not seen yet.